Marigold Tagets yellow

Common Name : Tagets, Genda, Zandu, Banthi, puvvu, Chandu Hoovu,Camanti

Marigold is one of the famous and commonly used flower of India. it is a flowering, fragrant and insect repellent plant. This
flower is used for many purposes like, religious/spiritual, functions and most of the festivals.


Common Name : Tagets, Genda, Zandu, Banthi, puvvu, Chandu Hoovu,Camanti

Description :  

Marigold is a flowering and fragrant plant. It has scented smell, This is a annual plant used for beautifying the gardens and houses.

Tagetes species vary in size from 0.1 to 2.2 m tall. Most species have pinnate green leaves. Blooms naturally occur in golden, orange, yellow, and white colors often with maroon highlights . This flower heads are typically (1-) to 4–6 cm diameter.

There are two varieties of marigold commonly used 1. French Marigold (small size plants)and 2. African Marigold (big size plants)

Propagation and caring tips: Propagation done by seeds from flower.

Growing : Throught the year

Soil : Marigold support wide range of soils, fertile and loamy  soil suits very well. soil pH range should be 6.5 to 7.5.

Shade : Marigolds require Some hours sunlight for the growth. Marigold flowers thrives best in hot and dry as well as humid
weather conditions.The ideal temperature for optimal growth is 15 °C – 30 °C.

Irrigation in Marigold Farming:  Marigold requires  moisture in the soil, watering should be done once in a week or as and when needed as per soil need.

Flowering Time:- The Marigold gives flowers for the duration is about 4 months to 5 months