Rose White

Rose is a very beautiful flowering plants used for house indoor and outdoor. Roses has many colors Like Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Mix colors Baby Rose and Climbing Rose Mix shade  and other variety. It's other common name is Gulab, Gulbahar.



Rose Yellow : Gulab, Gulbahar

Rose is very common and beautiful flower. It has scented smell, The beautiful petals of Rose plant give it a complete distinctive appearance. There are more than 120 species of rose plant all over the world. Rose plants are generally used for beautifying the gardens and House Indoor-Outdoors.

There are several varieties of the Indian Roses which includes white rose, pink rose, maroon rose, red rose, yellow rose and orange rose. It has thorn on its stems. The cane has leaves and budeyes. A leaf consists of stipule, petiole, and leaflets. The leaves are -15 cm long. The leaflets usually have the segrrated margins and few small prickles on the underside Rose plant of the stem. Most of the roses are deciduous. The flower has five petals.

Rose plants are propagated by the seeds, cuttings, layers and by budding. Roses require loamy, well drained soil. Budding is considered as the best method for propagating rose plants. They are planted in the circular pits about 60- 90 cm across and 60 -75 cm deep. Remove all the broken and bruised leaves while planting the plant. Roses require  Some hours sunlight for the growth. The best time to plant the Rose plants rests between September to October. The rose plant needs cutting from time to time. for best results manures and fertilizers at the time of planting.